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Stopping articulatie


    Main content Abstract : Corticosteroids are widely used anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive pharmacological agents in various pathologies, such as asthma, allergies, rheumatologic or dermatologic conditions, etc.

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    Their incontestable efficiency comes with a price: their multisystemic side effects, such as failure to thrive in children, hypertension, hyperglycaemia, osteoporosis, metabolic disorder, glaucoma, cataract and not least--but often neglected or under-diagnosed--mental disorders. Among the last, it is worth mentioning depression, mania, catatonia, cognitive impairment, behavioural disorders, ideation and suicide attempts.

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    It is fundamental to detect them, considering their potential devastating effects on the patients' functionality and integrity, and in order to find an adequate therapeutic approach, by decreasing stopping articulatie corticosteroid dosages considering the general state of the individual and by choosing proper psychotropic agents.

    KEYWORDS corticosteroids, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, depression, psychosis, mania Corticosteroizii sunt agenti farmacologici utilizati pe scara larga stopping articulatie scop antiinflamator si imunosupresor in patologii variate, precum astmul, alergiile, bolile reumatologice sau dermatologice etc. In contrast cu eficacitatea lor incontestabila, se situeaza efectele adverse multisistemice, precum retardul staturo-ponderal la copil, hipertensiunea, hiperglicemia, osteoporoza, tulburarile metabolice, glaucomul, cataracta si, nu in ultimul rand, dar frecvent neglijate sau subdiagnosticate, tulburarile de natura psihica, printre acestea numarandu-se depresia, mania, catatonia, deficitul cognitiv, tulburarile de comportament, ideatia si tentativele suicidare.

    Este fundamentala detectarea acestora, date fiind consecintele grave pe care le pot avea asupra functionalitatii, cat si a integritatii pacientilor si abordarea terapeutica optima, prin scaderea treptata a dozelor de corti costeroid in concordanta cu starea generala a individului si prin alegerea agentilor psihotropi stopping articulatie.

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